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Working with Betty

Working with Betty

My goal in getting to know new clients is to learn all I can about your personal situation and to understand your long-term dreams and goals and your tolerance for financial risks so I can design a financial plan that works for you.   I encourage open and honest communication between us so we can develop a long-term relationship -- my goal  is to be your partner in planning for life.  We'll work through the following process together to create a financial plan uniquely suited to you. 

Discovery Meeting

The discovery meeting gives both of us an opportunity to see if we are a good fit. I spend a lot of time listening to you describe what's important to you and what you need and want your money to do for you. Then we work together to translate your wants and needs into prioritized goals.

Investment Planning Meeting

Using those goals as our guide, we’ll review your current financial position to determine the likelihood of accomplishing what is most important to you. As we work together to create your financial plan, we will include retirement target dates, retirement income needs and sources, future health-care needs, college planning and planned purchases like automobiles or recreational vehicles,, home renovations or second homes and  travel as well as charitable and philanthropic  intentions.

Your current investment portfolio will need to be properly designed to help you meet your financial goals, and we may involve other members of your team, including your CPA, attorney, or trust administrator. 

Mutual Commitment Meeting

Together we'll review your plan and answer any questions you may have about our initial recommendations, services and expectations for moving forward. The final step will be signing the paperwork to establish our relationship and implement your financial plan.

45-Day Follow-up Meeting

Once your investment portfolio is designed and you're comfortable with it, you may have questions regarding statements, accessing your accounts online or other aspects of managing your plan. This meeting provides an opportunity to answer those questions and begin finalizing your financial plan.


We encourage regular review meetings so I can stay connected to changes in your life to make sure that our recommendations and actions are addressing your goals and lifestyle. As financial markets rise and fall, your portfolio’s exposure to stocks, bonds cash and other investments will tend to fluctuate as well. We will continually monitor your portfolio and make adjustments as needed to keep you on the path toward meeting your financial goals.